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February 28, 2008

My 2006 Experience in UK

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Hello Guys,
I’m back after long UK Trip (1st Feb 2006 —-19th March 2006). Actually this is late announcement. I came back on 19 March,2006
Due to heavy Work load Was not able to communicate with you.
Most of the guys keep asking me how was experience and I was not able to answer this question.
Few things I noticed

  1. People in UK respect other people a lot. Thank you and sorry is being used by them innumerable times.
  2. UK people have real sense of driving and always give side to other vehicles. Traffic rules are paper and on road as well.
  3. In UK it is consider BAD if someone Honk at you
  4. In UK every religion is Treated with Utmost respect.
  5. They love to roam around and njoy life a lot.
  6. UK is best destination for Holiday especially London
  7. Transport is very well managed in UK, though London people keep complaining about it.
  8. There is something called as congestion Tax in London where in the house in that congested area are being paid by the government and the Tax is collected in the form
  9. of Toll who pass those areas during peak Time.
  10. Things are pretty cheap in London from Londoners point of view. for example we would think twice in India before buying Tropicana Juice But in UK it is just one Pound.
  11. It is much cheaper to buy a four wheeler compare to two wheeler
  12. Bus is much cheaper in UK than Train. Reverse is true in India
  13. Lots of Architechure building present in Indian railways stations is also visible in UK
  14. there is lot to add….but these are most important observation from my side. It is quite possible you might have visited UK and you would have different view all together of London.
  15. It is consider best place for older people.


Thanks for reading. Hope it will find you useful. Please don;t hesitate to contact me if you need any information about UK. I would be able to help you

Thanks and Regards,
Preetam Zare
NB:I didn’t informed anyone about my flying to UK.


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