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September 26, 2008

Windows 2003 Basic

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In windows 2000 trust relationship created between two different forests is intransitive. While windows 2003 not only support trust relationship between two forests but also provide support for cross forest transitive trust relationship. Cross trust forest relation can be configured only between two forests

E.g. if a cross-forest trust relationship is configured between Forest A and Forest B, and Forest B also has a cross-forest transitive trust relationship with Forest C, this does not mean that Forest A trusts Forest C.

For this forest functional level should Windows 2003 forest functional level

Windows 2003 support domain renaming and also changing the position of domain within forest is possible. Even forest root domain can be renamed but it’s is not possible to change. Again forest functional level should be windows 2003.

Domain controller renaming is also supported in windows 2003 without demoting Domain controller. For this domain functional level should be windows 2003

Active directory partition

  1. Schema partition: Every DC has schema partition, which holds object types and their properties
  2. Configuration partition: Every DC has configuration partition which holds sites and services information
  3. Domain partition: Every DC has domain partition which holds domain specific information, which includes information of object specific to domain
  4. Application directory partition: New feature in windows 2003, information could be replicated only to specific domain controller. Cannot store security principals e.g. users, computers or security group

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