EXchange 2007 Install and Configure Notes

October 3, 2007

Exchange 2007 Notes 3rd Oct 2007

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Edge transport cannot be combined with any other role. However you install ISA on edge transport server.

To enable the edge server to pass message to appropriate HUB server, it requires recipient information, this is provided by (Active directory application mode)ADAM. This communication happens over 1389 LDAP port and is read-only at the Edge and one way communication. LDAP connection is secured by the ADAM credentials stored in the Edge subscription xml file.

The edge transport servers ADAM is kept up to date using EDGE synch, a synchronization tool, with the subset of AD recipient information that you have made available.

Edge synch replicates following data from Active directory to ADAM (one-way only)

  1. Send connector configuration
  2. Accepted domains
  3. Remote domains
  4. Safe sender lists
  5. and Recipient

Communication between HTS and ETS happens using SMTP over TLS and between HTS server using kerberos+TLS. Kerberos cannot be used between ETS and HTS since there is no AD at ETS side.

By default physical IP network layer is used to route message between hubs or between a Hub Server and appropriate MBS.Exchange topology is AD Based and many organization can rely on default connectors, especially if existing routing group designed was based on Active Directory sites. AD sites provide a logical layer that defines a physical grouping of the servers and provided back-off path if direct relay fails.Direct relay is Hub-to-Hub and Inter-site, it is using SMTP, intra-site uses MAPI communication, which is RPC based.

Mailbox server that also host HTS will utilized the locally installed HTS rather than HTS in same site. Such server is called co-located HTS.

All email are routed through even if the mail destined for mailbox resides on the same server as the originator’s mailbox. HTS will automatically load-balance within site, which was not true pre-2007 where we had bridge head servers.

A major responsibility of the Exchange Server 2007 Hub Transport role was to provide support for compliance – that is, the ability to retain messages or modify messages in accordance with corporate policy or legal requirements.

Event sinks that is ability to fire event when something happens, generally a Virus is made quite simple in Exchange 2007


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